How to Place An Order

10 Steps to Your Product

Fill your cart with your products

Fill your cart with the items you would like to purchase.

Pay attention to the table that outlines the different rates for delivery to different areas.

This table will tell you how much to add to your total for delivery.

If you have any questions then send us an email at [email protected]

If you have an affiliate code for a registered iCAMP agent then enter the Affiliate Code in the box labeled “Coupons”. You can also send the order number with the affiliate code to [email protected] We will calculate your discount and send you the total to be paid. All affiliate discounts will be listed.

Delivery Or Pickup

Include address and name of person that should receive your delivery.

Note: You may need a valid government Issued ID to pick up items delivered

You are also able to select “In store pick-up” to eliminate delivery costs and bank transfer/depost- You will need to pay at the iconceptms location here 

Submit your order.

Payment and confirmation

Deposit the amount totaled including delivery costs or the amount you’re sent from our customer service agent via email in the event that you used an affiliate code to NCB account 474556344 or Scotiabank account 413235.

Email a copy of your receipt to [email protected]

Be sure to include the order number you were assigned at checkout.

If you used step 3 then send the receipt as a reply to the previous email thread about step 3. This will make your processing a lot faster

Enjoy Your Product

We will send a confirmation email of your order and delivery notice once we have confirmed payment based on your receipt. Reply to this email letting us know if there are any final changes

Our next email will tell you when your order will be shipped. Orders will not be shipped until all steps are satisfied and customers are expected to be available to pick up their orders at their scheduled time

Enjoy your product! Tell a friend. Join iCAMP and start earning too!

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