About Us

Who We Are

iConcept Mobile Solutions is a small family business dedicated to providing a-Class customer service to everyone we serve. We aim to be Jamaica’s number 1 solution to cellphone accessories and electronic gadgets.

we aim to serve you top quality products in a secure, stress-free and customer-friendly environment.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The mission of iConcept Mobile Solution is to offer our customers the highest quality cell phone/tablet accessories and services. We aim to provide exceptional customer service and offer unique cell phone and tablet accessories along with tablets and mobile phones. Additionally, iConcept Mobile Solution has technological expertise to assist customers in picking the best phone accessory to define them.

We believe it’s important to remain an active member of the community, and to impact people’s lives in more ways than one than and deriving a profit from them. We propose to host community events that will bring out the best in people.

The vision of iConcept Mobile Solution is to bring something new to the Phone Accessory Market. 

We want our customers to experience the best customer service available, offer a wide range of mobile phone/tablet accessories, mobile phones and tablets. 

The aim is to have mini stores in Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Pharmacies and Mini Marts to better expand our market reach to our customers.

A few words about


September 2014 Techtronics Accessories is started.

Techtronics Accessories is rebranded iConcept Mobile Solutions

December 2017 iConcept Mobile Solutions opens its first physical location here

iConcept Mobile Solutions starts offering online shopping to its customers